GATE 2021 Syllabus for Civil Engineering

GATE is a highly competitive exam where lakhs of B.E/Btech students appear to crack the exam and hence it requires effective tips for GATE exam preparation. GATE 2021 exams are going to be conducted by IIT Bombay. Qualifying the GATE exam can assist you to get admissions for PG programs and job opportunities in PSU Companies.
Hence, before starting the preparation for the GATE exam, every GATE aspirants must undergo the GATE Syllabus and analyze it thoroughly. With the assistance of the GATE Syllabus for engineering, students are going to be ready to plan their preparation strategy and crack GATE with top rank.

GATE Syllabus -Civil Engineering

Section 1: Engineering Mathematics
| Linear Algebra |
Matrix algebra; Systems of linear equations; Eigen values and Eigen vectors.
| Calculus |
Functions of single variable; Limit, continuity and differentiability; Mean value theorems, local maxima and
minima; Taylor series; Evaluation of definite and indefinite integrals, application of definite integral to obtain area
and volume; Partial derivatives; Total derivati
derivatives; Line, Surface and Volume integrals.
| Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) |
First order (linear and non-linear) equations; higher order linear equations with constant coeffic
Cauchy equations; Laplace transform and its application in solving linear ODEs; initial and boundary value
| Partial Differential Equation (PDE) |
Fourier series; separation of variables; solutions of one
one-dimensional wave equation and two
| Probability and Statistics |
Sampling theorems; Conditional probability; Descriptive statistics
Random Variables – Discrete and Continuous, Poisson and Normal Distribution; Linear regression.
| Numerical Methods |
Error analysis. Numerical solutions of linear and non
Newton’s and Lagrange polynomials, numerical differentiation, Integration by trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule,
single and multi-step methods for first order differential equations.

Section 2: Structural Engineering
| Engineering Mechanics |
System of forces, free-body diagrams, equilibrium equations; Internal forces in structures; Frictions and its
applications; Centre of mass; Free Vibrations of undamped SDOF system.
| Solid Mechanics |
Bending moment and shear force in statically determina
bending theory, flexural and shear stresses, shear centre; Uniform torsion, Transformation of stress; buckling of
column, combined and direct bending stresses.
| Structural Analysis |
Statically determinate and indeterminate structures by force/ energy methods; Method of superposition; Analysis
of trusses, arches, beams, cables and frames; Displacement methods: Slope deflection and moment distribution
methods; Influence lines; Stiffness and flexibilit
| Construction Materials and Management |
Construction Materials: Structural Steel
Constituents, mix design, shortterm and long
projects; Project planning and network analysis
| Concrete Structures |
Working stress and Limit state design concepts; Design of beams, slabs, columns; Bond and development
length; Prestressed concrete beams.
| Steel Structures |
Working stress and Limit state design concepts; Design of tension and compression members, beams and
beam- columns, column bases; Connections
and trusses; Concept of plastic analysis

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